Video Marketing – What Goes Viral?

The world of the internet and technology has intertwined with our lives to shorten the time gap in the sharing of information, data, news or even life-saving inventions for that matter. What happens in the east is known to the west or visa-versa in a matter of seconds. People are sharing information and reaching out to help each other through the internet. The world is ever-changing, and people are putting the internet to a vast array of uses to help each other and reach out to other each other in times of need and help.

The most popular media for sharing information is video, and video is a medium any business can use, whether you sell clothing, broken crayons or offer an advisory service. A good video marketing plan is one that will offer you the opportunity to stand out from the other video markers online. It will also offer you the opportunity to learn about the chief cause of poor viewership and how you can successfully increase your viewership and make your video go viral. You will also get to know and employ ad tricks that will have your target audience eager to view your video’s entire content at a seating…all the time. You also get to learn to use words that are powerful enough to grab the attention of web surfers – even the busiest one’s will not be able to resist viewing your video.

When people are using it extensively to reach out, companies are also putting the internet as a media for marketing to extensive use. Since the cost involved is relatively on the lower side, it is a successful avenue to connect with their customers. Viral marketing is the new buzz word for all these companies.

Most companies and organizations are now using viral marketing methods, tactics and techniques to reach out to their target customers. Viral marketing is starting to show up as an integral part of the marketing strategies for some big names in the business. Viral marketing uses the social network of people to spread the word about certain products and services.

The viral term is used in this context since it is self-replicating. Once you click the link, a trigger shares the link with your friends. Even if you share the advertisement or message, the company or business house would have achieved its desired objective. It is also like word of mouth awareness about a particular brand, product, service or idea.

Viral Video Marketing is also set into the front gear. It can drive home success and business volumes like no other media. People usually connect more through the channels of communication that are more vocal and visible, and since they are seen, they are easier to retain. People share videos through common sources like YOUTUBE. If you can make a catchy video for your product or service, viral video marketing can take your final output to newer heights. Whenever you decide and aim to make a video for marketing purpose, you need to ensure that the video is:

  • Able to convey and share your ideas with ease
  • Is engaging for the viewer
  • Drives home all the points you intend to put across.
  • Last but not least, you should make an interesting video that the customer feels like sharing
  • Above all, be aware of the kind of users you would initiate the video marketing with.

Research well and be creative with your video to ensure a higher success rate and make viral video marketing drive home success for you.


Rita Wells Author