Three Reasons Why Digital Marketing Works

There are lots of hints and tips out there these days that will explain digital marketing and how it works. But what about whyit works? It’s all well and good someone explaining that great SEO and a consistent social presence, among other things, is how digital marketing ticks along, but what is it about marketing online that offers us some insight about why it is successful and, even more importantly, why we need it. So, let’s take a look at the top three reasons behind why digital marketing works for business, and why it will continue to do so.

Reason 1: Consumers are online

If we were to give you only one, we could start and stop with this one, single reason. This is because business trends, in order to be successful, have to match consumer trends and, today – consumers are opting increasingly for the online marketplace. Why? Because it is easier, quicker and more than likely cheaper. Not only that, but the online marketplace is limitless in terms of what it can offer. Consumers can just as easily book an online service, find a holiday and hire a car, as they can buy a lawnmower, find a local restaurant or find their next property all at the click of a mouse. So, if you’re not taking advantage of digital marketing, you will likely be falling behind. Every business and their dog is online too, so it simply isn’t enough to just have a great website. There is much more to it, and you can take advantage of the whole package.

Reason 2: Online advertising is affordable

You may have heard of PPC? This is the pay-per-click strategy for advertising your product or service online, and it is extremely cost-effective and, if done correctly with expert advice and support, very successful. Even though businesses have been taking advantage of online advertising since the web became a household term, digital advertising campaigns are still surprisingly cheap when you think about just how effective they can be. What’s even more interesting about the success of online advertising is that digital marketing experts can track your strategy for you and hone in on the copy, photo, video (the list goes on) that is working the best (as in, gaining the most interest and offering the most conversions) and use it as a marker to direct the campaign forward. Digital marketing offers, in this way, something that traditional or non-digital marketing could never offer – detailed analytics that show how successful your advertising is. And there are many platforms that offer ad campaigns that are hugely affordable, such as Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords.

Reason 3: The possibilities are endless

The online platform is, for all intents and purposes, infinite when it comes to possibility. The possibility to have a global reach; to target your advertising to specific ages, social groups, locations, interests; to think outside of the box; to share news, events, updates, hints and tips; to move into new mediums such as video and AI; to stay in touch with your customers; to keep an eye on the competition; to research, invent, access, invite and innovate; to spread across social platforms; to spread the message of your brand and grow your brand identity. You business is digital marketing or, at least, it should be. This is how you will succeed.

And these are just the top three insights behind the why. Now, we did mention the ‘how’, but the thing about the how is that there are experts out there that already know and are there to take their knowledge and put it to work for you and your business. For example, improving your online content through an expert can increase traffic to your blog or site by up to 2000%. This is a stat you can’t afford to miss out on. You know whyit works and that you need it in today’s digital age, leave the howup to the experts and start your campaign as soon as possible in order to beat the competition.

Rita Wells Author