The Pros and Cons of SEO Link Building

Linking building is a well-used term for those conversant with search engine optimization or SEO. It represents the connecting of external links to your website, like this link here to a company website. The hyperlinked text is a different colour, and if you click on it, you will be taken to the website. the main idea behind this is to help raise your rank on the search engine result pages, as Google & Co see a link as a kind of vote.

Building a link can take place in a variety of ways. It can be crafting appealing content for your website page that visitors will love. It can also be letting reviewers mention your website among other styles. Link Building like anything else has its pros and cons which can be difficult to notice. Therefore, in this article, we discuss why the pros and cons of SEO Link Building.

The Pros

Some of the benefits associated with SEO link building include;

  1. Increased Website Traffic

The main aim of link building is to attract new visitors into your website and maintain the established visitors. Link building is better than your website or individual page. It makes your site becomes more visible in online platforms. With the increase in the traffic, there is an increase in quality reads and therefore more conversions. Increased conversions imply an increase in sales which is a plus for the business.

  1. Better Ranking in Search Engines

Link popularity is one among the features that search engines use to rank your website. One way to improve your position is to increase the number of websites in which your site’s link appears. It means that, when your link appears in many popular websites, the position of your rank is most likely to improve. Therefore, if you want to raise your ranking in the search engine results, it’ll be beneficial if you engage with link building.

  1. Promotes Brand Awareness

Another befit of using link building is that it helps to promote your brand awareness. Take for example the big companies sending a link to your page. The act will increase your site’s credibility to higher levels. It means that, when a well-known website sends you a link, you appear reliable and credible. In such a way, your page grows in popularity and therefore increases in the number of visitors. And this is how link building helps to promote your brand’s awareness.

The Cons

Some of the cons of investing in link building will include:

  1. It risks your rank on Google

If you misuse link building, you can get thrown out of Google services. Google is the largest search engine, and therefore, you cannot fool them for an extended period. And if they get you, you have to say a good buy to Google.

  1. It’s time-consuming

If you thought that search engines would let you rank easily, you’re dreaming. Therefore, if you get dedicated to the activities of your business, you’ll have to employ someone to help you with the process. To improve the ranking can take not only month but years. You must collect a significant amount of inbound links to your site. Also, you must be careful not to receive connections from low ranked sites. Such links will only lower your website’s ranking.

Link building has many of its advantages than the disadvantages. If well utilized, the results can be thrilling and profitable. However, you need to pay attention to the whole process if you want it to work per the expectations.


Rita Wells Author