How to Catch Your Email Subscriber’s Attention

Your target customers receive dozens of emails on a daily basis from your competitors among other sources. You, therefore, must come out outstanding by creating attention-grabbing emails. Sending high-quality emails is the sure way to increase your conversion rates, improve deliverability and at the same time see your ROI jump to the roof. But if you’re wondering how to catch your email subscriber’s attention, then you have come to the right page. In this article, we outline an ultimate list of top steps you can consider towards delivering attention-grabbing emails.

  1. Generate a Sensational Subject Line

The subject line or the pre-headers is what will drive subscribers into opening the emails you send to them. You should, therefore, invest into increasing value in these subject lines. The good thing is to make sure that you create one from scratch. You should aim to generate the feeling of Urgency to open the email. One thing that you can include in the subject line is emojis as they indicate to have a positive impact on emails according to recent studies.

  1. Create Mobile Friendly Emails

We no longer live in the 1990s anymore. According to statistics, more than 60% of all emails sent today get opened on phones. Therefore, if you’d love to grab your customers’ attention, make sure to optimize your emails into small screens. More than 85% of people who opens their received emails on their mobile phones will delete them if they fail to read. You should, therefore, test your emails using some tools such as Litmus if you love what you’re doing.

  1. Include Offers

If you want to grab attention for more than 80% of your email subscribers, always include some incentives. The offer can be a legit discount code, like the offer of free shipping on orders over £50 on this site. Or you can consider services such as free shipping. If you have loyal customers, you can give out some free gives to accompany their purchases. You, however, are not supposed to send the promotional emails daily. It can be once a week or a month.

  1. Personalize Your Content

If you want your recipient to open your email, you should probably include his name in the pre-headers or subject line. Personalization should involve such characters as subscriber’s behaviour, history in making purchases and demographics. Such information is very crucial in making the content relevant to the subscriber.

  1. Include Visuals

You might think that emails are all about written texts. Okay, if you believed this, you’re lost. According to statistics, more than 80% of all online customers do video consultations when they want to purchase something. It’s true that it’s easy to process an image than it’s for texts, while researchers claim that we maintain 90% of want we can see in comparison to whatever we read. Do you want to grab the attention of your email subscribers? Consider using visuals in your work.

  1. Proper Timing

Your emails should never accumulate in the subscriber’s account. It can be annoying, and he can end up not opening your emails at any chances. You should make sure that you send them at a spaced interval. The other thing with time is to learn at what time your customers are likely to login into their accounts. The good thing is for your emails to get the subscriber while still logged-in. Try the morning hours and late work hours around 5 pm.

You’re wondering how to catch your email subscriber’s attention? Then there it’s. The above is among the best steps that you can consider employing. Consider practicing them all, and you will see the difference.

Rita Wells Author