63% of UK Websites Have Complied with the New Cookie Legislation, Have You?

After the EU Cookie Directive came into law last May, research by TRUSTe reports that 63% of UK websites have complied with the legislation. The EU Cookie Directive also called the e-Privacy Directive, requires UK sites by law to ask for users’ consent to record information, in the form of ‘cookies,’ about them and their […]

What Is Adaptive Content?

Most of the static content found in different online platforms have no interest in target customers in its design. As a result, such a site will have no positive impact on your sales. Under these circumstances, you need to include adaptive content in your marketing. But what is adaptive content? And why should you adopt […]

What Is Inbound Marketing All About?

In the technological revolution, a new form of marketing has emerged, and this new form of marketing is something that is unique and different. To know, as well as, learn what inbound marketing is all about in essence. One does need to fully understand what outbound marketing is all about. What is outbound marketing? Outbound […]