10 Ways to Use Blogs for Business

Learn creative and innovative ways to attract readers and convert them to customers using business blogging as part of an online advertising campaign.

Business blogging is a good way to promote products and increase brand awareness. Rather than replacing the corporate website with a business blog, incorporate the blog into the company’s web presence.

Try these ten different blogging strategies to get the most out of blog content marketing and rank high on readers’ lists of the best business blogs to which they subscribe.

Business Blog Marketing to Drive Traffic to an E-Commerce Site

Blog posts can be used to list more features and potential product uses and benefits than a short product description on the e-commerce storefront.

  1. Highlight new products or services in a blog post linked to the sales page on the company’s e-commerce site.
  2. Create “round-ups” featuring several products from one line to draw attention to a group of items, or a selection of complementary products. For example, a blog post called “Everything You Need to Prepare Christmas Dinner” could feature a roasting pan, pot set, and utensils that might otherwise appear on the e-commerce site as individual items.
  3. Make the blog more visual and less text-heavy while promoting products in a creative way. Add pictures of customers using the product or make a video demonstration of its uses and benefits.

Business Blogging to Become a Trusted Source of Information

Consumers search for information on products and services before buying and are more likely to turn to a trusted source or authority on the subject than to believe advertisements.

  1. Add news feeds from niche publications to keep a steady flow of fresh information on the blog, making it a hub for consumer information.
  2. Blog regularly about the industry as a whole, not just the company’s products. For example, a business selling cell phones could blog about the growing trends of mobile shopping and geotargeting to show consumers how cell phone technology benefits them.

Blogs for Business Create Customer Loyalty and Interaction

Blogs allow readers to create conversations around the company and its products/services. Comments left on blogs make the content more interesting for readers and can also contribute to search engine optimization.

  1. Place RSS feed subscription links prominently to encourage readers to follow the blog and receive updates about new content.
  2. Add interactive features such as polls and surveys to encourage customer participation and gain valuable insight into the customer experience.
  3. Offer specials and deals for blog readers. Set up a link in the blog post pointing to the sales page for the item with a discounted price. This helps create loyalty – everyone loves a deal!

The Best Business Blogs Create Relationships and Build Credibility

Business blogging is an opportunity for companies to show customers who they are, what they do, and how they do it.

  1. Use video or picture entries to introduce staff and show customers how the company operates or creates product. For example, a company selling organic personal care products could take customers on a video tour of the manufacturing facility to showcase the care that goes into making the product. This is more effective than simply writing about it.
  2. Maintain a professional, friendly tone and limit blog authors to ensure consistency. Readers come to expect a certain type of content and will return as long as the blog delivers what they are looking for.

The Advantages of Blogs for Businesses

Business blogging, done right, can be an important component of a successful search engine marketing campaign. Used alongside other online advertising methods such as pay per click advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization, business blogging is another important piece of the puzzle in attracting – and retaining – more customers.


Rita Wells Author