Top 5 UK Tech Companies to Watch In 2015

by Matthew Marley on 9th December 2014

The UK tech scene has exploded over the past few years as companies break ground with many of their US and European counterparts. Companies such as Just Eat, Zoopla, Skyscanner and the Google-acquired Deep Mind have all seen great success. This highly developed cluster of tech companies has led to many incubators, hatcheries, and accelerators

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Four Steps to Digital Transformation

by Richard Taylor on 4th December 2014

Digital transformation is a huge challenge for established traditional organisations. The very bedrock that they have built their successful businesses on is crumbling and the tried and tested processes that they have relied on for decades are no longer fit for purpose. Add to the above the pace of change that this is happening and

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Google Adding “Mobile Friendly Tags” to Search Results

by Matthew Marley on 1st December 2014

Last week (Tuesday (18 November) Google announced that they will be adding “Mobile Friendly” tags to the search results. This update will allow users to easily identify sites that are optimised for mobiles devices. Including smartphones and tablets. In the same post, Google also state that they are “experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as

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How Does Colour Affect Conversion?

by Jamie Cook on 26th November 2014

Subtle language cues and the structure of landing pages can play a huge part in boosting conversion rates. Every inch of landing page copy should be optimised to give the visitor the right information in the right way, and ultimately convert them to a lead. A recent post from Lead Pages is indicative of how

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The Relationship Between Rapid Revenue Growth and Investment

by Johnny Mone on 25th November 2014

The Tech Track 100 produces a report every year which identifies the fastest growing technology companies in the UK.   It uses the amended London Stock Exchange’s (LSE) techMARK definition of a technology company as one that ‘shows a commitment to innovation, research and  product development, and operates in sectors including software, internet, telecoms and biotech’. 

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The Power of an Audience Development Funnel

by Lynne Murray on 6th November 2014

Audience Development is a business function like any other; in order to be successful and convert the online public to customers you need to know what your Audience Development funnel actually looks like. Not knowing their Audience Development funnel is where so many businesses fail – and that’s businesses of all sizes including enterprises who invest

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The best four Inbound Marketing posts from the Hubspot blog last week

by Niall Kennedy on 27th October 2014

43 Bright Ideas for Promoting Your Lead Gen Content Amanda Sibley (@AmandaSibley) came up with not one, not ten, but 43 great ideas for promoting campaign and lead generation content. We all realise that creating content for a lead generation campaign is only the first part of the process. Promoting it, and getting all of

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Why do IT buyers buy?

by Johnny Mone on 15th October 2014

This year we worked with two of our partners to publish some research findings into the habits of technology buyers. The research sampled over 250 IT decision makers in the UK from companies with over 50 employees and was designed to provide IT vendors with some insight into  how their buyers’ information consumption changes across

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