How web conferencing provider grew their sales and marketing funnel

by Johnny Mone on 26th September 2014

I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop led by Matt Duffy V.P of Product Marketing at the remote access software company Logmein.  They have developed a web conferencing brand called and Matt shared their story of how they significantly grew their sales and marketing funnel using content marketing. 

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Future Digital Marketing Trends

by Richard Taylor on 26th September 2014

I’d only just finished a review of CONTENT MARKETING TRENDS FOR B2B TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES IN NORTH AMERICA 2014, when Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights is reporting on the Digital Marketing Trends for 2015.  Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up but here are some highlights of the report. What was also interesting about the article is

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5 things to U.N.I.T.E. Sales and Marketing

by Johnny Mone on 25th September 2014

There is a classic stereotype of unaligned sales and marketing teams which contains the following statements:  SALES: “Marketing does nothing to help me make my quota.  Any leads they do send over are rubbish.  They are either not the right company or not the right people within the company for me to be able to

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Why personalisation of marketing campaigns is a good thing

by Niall Kennedy on 24th September 2014

When Norm walks into Cheers and Sam asks if he wants a beer we know that Norm appreciates that he is recognised (“NORM!”) and that he’s getting what he wants without any delay. He feels valued and that’s why he comes back to Cheers, day after day. What Sam doesn’t say to Norm is “Hi

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Why sales acceleration?

by Johnny Mone on 23rd September 2014

Since last week’s announcement from HubSpot of their new sales tools I have been exploring some of the reasons why they have made this move.  Fundamentally, they see the need to help salespeople speed up the way in which they engage with their buyers in two ways: Saving time on non-sales tasks so that more

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What bothers sales people about CRM?

by Johnny Mone on 19th September 2014

This week the inbound company HubSpot announced the launch of their new CRM system. There are hundreds of CRM systems available in the market and quite a few dominant ones such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. These systems are used by sales management to monitor and report on sales performance. The VP of sales should

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Some smaller but still interesting Hubspot enhancements

by Niall Kennedy on 18th September 2014

Easy to use content calendar If you are truly embracing content marketing then you will be undertaking a lot of publishing, across your website, blog, emails and social platforms. Traditionally, we have seen content calendars housed on Excel spreadsheets, with no link to the publishing platform. Hubspot’s new content calendar brings all of these elements

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Hubspot workflows now with branching logic

by Niall Kennedy on 18th September 2014

Take a look at Hubspot’s enhancement forum and you’ll see that many many customers have requested some sort of conditional logic be available in workflows. The sort of functionality that takes workflows from one dimension to two dimensions by allowing one path of the workflow to start if activity x happens (i.e. clicks a link

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Who to hire to accelerate sales

by Johnny Mone on 18th September 2014

I am in Boston listening to Brian Halligan’s keynote at Inbound14 and he is explaining three things: His new perspective on sales The people you need for it The platform that will speed things up

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Why has HubSpot launched a new CRM and Sales Tools?

by Johnny Mone on 17th September 2014

‘Welcome to the age of the customer in which empowered business buyers have more control over the purchase process than ever before’. I wish I had said that but it was in fact Peter O’Neill from Forrester in his June report ‘Valuable Message Development for B2B marketing in the context of sales enablement’. Fundamentally HubSpot’s

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