41% Of CIOs Say B2B Marketing Is Too Generic – How To Find Your Focus

by Pete Hendrick on 14th April 2015

B2B marketers look away now please. 41% of CIOs listed ‘generic content’ as their number one frustration with vendor content, according to Tech Heads. It’s hard to swallow for diligent business bloggers who spend hours trying to come up with new ways to stand out in the crowded content marketing space. I’ve put together a

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CIO Friendly Content: How To Write The Right Amount

by developer on 9th April 2015

Is it too much, too little, or about right? Knowing just how much to write for your audience is tricky, especially when a host of competitors are vying for their attention. Research shows that CIOs are consuming more content than ever, so you need to know how to optimise your writing to suit their needs.

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Growth Hacking: History and Success Stories

by Matthew Marley on 22nd January 2015

The origins of growth hacking? The term “Growth Hacker” was first coined back in 2010 when it featured in a blog post by Sean Ellis, the founder and CEO of Qualaroo and Silicon Valley start-up investor. Whilst it may be a relatively new term increasingly used by technology marketers many of the tactics used in

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How to Create Interesting and Valuable Blogs

by Lynne Murray on 16th January 2015

You know that blogging is an essential part of content marketing, but the time constraints of a day-to-day work load can mean that the thought of slowing down to write a blog, which may not provide you with instant results, can be daunting. This can mean falling behind on what is an essential task –

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5 Tools B2B Marketers Should Be Using in 2015

by Jamie Cook on 14th January 2015

Keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing tools and best practices can be exhausting. For some marketers this can feel like an almost impossible task! Choosing the right tools can take your b2b tech marketing to a different level. Being able to scale, automate and speed-up many activities is key, but there are so many tools

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5 Personal Branding Tips for Tech CEO’s

by Matthew Marley on 18th December 2014

Companies and organisations aren’t alone when it comes to the need for a trusted brand. Personal branding, especially for CEO’s and the C Suite has become increasingly important as buyers increasingly search online to find the right supplilers and partners. Similar to a business brand, personal branding involves you creating your own personal image, a

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Top 5 UK Tech Companies to Watch In 2015

by Matthew Marley on 9th December 2014

The UK tech scene has exploded over the past few years as companies break ground with many of their US and European counterparts. Companies such as Just Eat, Zoopla, Skyscanner and the Google-acquired Deep Mind have all seen great success. This highly developed cluster of tech companies has led to many incubators, hatcheries, and accelerators

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Four Steps to Digital Transformation

by Richard Taylor on 4th December 2014

Digital transformation is a huge challenge for established traditional organisations. The very bedrock that they have built their successful businesses on is crumbling and the tried and tested processes that they have relied on for decades are no longer fit for purpose. Add to the above the pace of change that this is happening and

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Google Adding “Mobile Friendly Tags” to Search Results

by Matthew Marley on 1st December 2014

Last week (Tuesday (18 November) Google announced that they will be adding “Mobile Friendly” tags to the search results. This update will allow users to easily identify sites that are optimised for mobiles devices. Including smartphones and tablets. In the same post, Google also state that they are “experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as

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