Does your inbound marketing team have the right writer?

by developer on 12th October 2015

This post originally appeared on the Octopus Group blog “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” It’s an Anton Chekhov quote that captures the ‘show, don’t tell’ advice of writing in a best practice kind of way – I heard it years ago and it’s stayed

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How To (Quickly) Find Quality B2B Sales Leads With LinkedIn

by developer on 22nd September 2015

NB: This blog was originally published on The Octopus Group blog “If you build it, they will come.” That quote is, in fact, a famous misquote from the film Field of Dreams – it’s actually: “If you build it, he will come.” Regardless of the pedantry, it’s a nice, optimistic strategy. Unfortunately it’s a million

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What kind of marketer is the most desirable in B2B tech?

by developer on 11th August 2015

This blog post originally appeared on the Octopus Group blog If I were to ask 10 marketers ‘what are the most important marketing skills to be successful in today’s B2B tech sector?’, I’d probably receive 10 different answers.

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60% of CIOs Think Tech Marketing Is Arrogant – 3 Tips To Stay Grounded

by developer on 11th May 2015

Setting yourself up for a fall is so easy in content marketing. Thought leadership, tips, product benefits, advice and industry opinions are some of the ways tech marketers try to add value and help their audiences – though unfortunately this expert advice can sometimes be construed as arrogance.

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B2B sales: How To Hear An Opportunity Before It Knocks

by developer on 1st May 2015

If you sell to businesses, then you’ll know that golden opportunities are hard to find. It’s more a case of making many consultative calls, rather than the phone ringing off the hook. When they do present themselves, you’ve got to make sure you know about them, and call, before any of your competitors do –

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Do wearable devices have a place in B2B marketing?

by Roberta Main-Millar on 27th April 2015

With the launch of the new Microsoft Band and Apple Watch, along with Android Wear adding more features, the wearables market has really started to hot up. The massive investment tech giants are making in these devices means they’ll be an almost definite success with consumers, but could they also have a business use?

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Social Media Sharing: Do IT Directors Actually Do It?

by Steev Glover on 15th April 2015

What’s the first thing you do after hitting ‘publish’ on your blog? Wait. Don’t answer. Instead, let’s think about what you want to happen next. You want your company’s core audience to read it, so you start sharing it on social media. But will they actually read and share it?

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41% Of CIOs Say B2B Marketing Is Too Generic – How To Find Your Focus

by Pete Hendrick on 14th April 2015

B2B marketers look away now please. 41% of CIOs listed ‘generic content’ as their number one frustration with vendor content, according to Tech Heads. It’s hard to swallow for diligent business bloggers who spend hours trying to come up with new ways to stand out in the crowded content marketing space. I’ve put together a

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CIO Friendly Content: How To Write The Right Amount

by developer on 9th April 2015

Is it too much, too little, or about right? Knowing just how much to write for your audience is tricky, especially when a host of competitors are vying for their attention. Research shows that CIOs are consuming more content than ever, so you need to know how to optimise your writing to suit their needs.

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