Why do IT buyers buy?

by Johnny Mone on 15th October 2014

This year we worked with two of our partners to publish some research findings into the habits of technology buyers. The research sampled over 250 IT decision makers in the UK from companies with over 50 employees and was designed to provide IT vendors with some insight into  how their buyers’ information consumption changes across

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The 4 top sales takeaways from the State of Inbound Report

by Johnny Mone on 7th October 2014

Every year HubSpot publishes a benchmark report on the state of inbound marketing.  It is based on primary research from hundreds of marketing professionals.  This year the report has widened the survey sample to include sales professionals and has been renamed The State of Inbound 2014 – note the dropping of the ‘of inbound marketing’. It

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Who should you read to learn more about accelerating tech sales?

by Johnny Mone on 3rd October 2014

There are a number of writers who talk sense about sales acceleration for technology companies.  Their perspectives are ones that I seek out and return to.  I owe them a debt of gratitude for the way in which they have helped shape my thinking with their shared insights.  On this list I have personally worked

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Collaboration is key to a successful content marketing strategy

by Richard Taylor on 2nd October 2014

There is a consistent theme being expressed in all the marketer surveys that are being published right now and that is that you need a content marketing strategy if it is going to be a successful marketing channel for your business. It shouldn’t really be a surprise but actually it is all the more important

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My top 5 sales acceleration tools

by Johnny Mone on 1st October 2014

This category of software tools is commonly known as ‘sales enablement’ and there is a bewilderment of options in this category as demonstrated by Scott Brinker in this part of his super graphic.

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Are your sales and marketing teams selling the same thing?

by Johnny Mone on 30th September 2014

I was glued to the Ryder Cup this weekend which, for the un-golfed, is a bi-annual international golf competition between the US and Europe’s top professionals. During the TV commercials which interrupted the action there was an ad that contained the following message:

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How web conferencing provider join.me grew their sales and marketing funnel

by Johnny Mone on 26th September 2014

I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop led by Matt Duffy V.P of Product Marketing at the remote access software company Logmein.  They have developed a web conferencing brand called www.join.me and Matt shared their story of how they significantly grew their sales and marketing funnel using content marketing. 

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Future Digital Marketing Trends

by Richard Taylor on 26th September 2014

I’d only just finished a review of CONTENT MARKETING TRENDS FOR B2B TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES IN NORTH AMERICA 2014, when Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights is reporting on the Digital Marketing Trends for 2015.  Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up but here are some highlights of the report. What was also interesting about the article is

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5 things to U.N.I.T.E. Sales and Marketing

by Johnny Mone on 25th September 2014

There is a classic stereotype of unaligned sales and marketing teams which contains the following statements:  SALES: “Marketing does nothing to help me make my quota.  Any leads they do send over are rubbish.  They are either not the right company or not the right people within the company for me to be able to

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